Pioneering NFT Collection

The Unofficial Punks revolutionized the use of CryptoPunks as a template for artistic expression and exploration, serving as the progenitor of a sprawling decentralized art movement.

Unofficial Punks / Altpunks

Unofficial Punks

The first 100 hand-made altpunks launched in February 2021 as an homage to the CryptoPunks and grew into an organic social movement. It is responsible for popularizing PFP project remixes and derivatives.

Unofficial Punks V2 / Altpunks

Unofficial Punks V2

The second version launched in 2023 is a generative collection of 2222 NFTs infused with the DNA of the iconic V1 collection. No roadmap. Just art.

Rare Pepe Punks / Altpunks

Rare Pepe Punks

Rare Pepe Punks is a remix and homage of two of crypto’s most iconic characters: Pepe the Frog and CryptoPunks.

Rare Pepe Fake Memes

Super Fake Memes

This collection of 13 memes was inspired by Fake Memes. It features Pepe’s from the Rare Pepe Punks collection.