Rare Pepe Punks

34 Editions

Rare Pepe Punks is a remix and homage of two of crypto’s most iconic characters: Pepe the Frog and CryptoPunks created by cryptoart pioneer, Second Realm. These ERC-1155 tokens were released as free mints or airdrops in varying rarity between October and December of 2022 for collectors of Second Realm’s artwork.

Why Rare Pepes?

For the culture. And because we’ve been meaning to put my own spin on Pepe for a while.

Why Free Mints and Airdrops?

To bring the joy back to collecting NFTs. In 2019, we gifted NFTs for the love of it. But it was a slow clunky process to do at scale without code. Today, @manifoldxyz empowers artists with easy-to-use no-code solutions. So, why not do it (again)!