Unofficial Punks V2

2222 Generative NFTs

Unofficial Punks V2 is a generative collection of 2222 NFTs infused with the DNA of the original collection that launched in February of 2021. Unofficial Punks V1 is an iconic collection of 100 custom-made punks that started the Alt-punk PFP movement and popularized NFT remix and derivative culture.


PUNX – The projects ticker symbol can be read as “Un Punks” starting with the “UN” in the middle.

2222 – A reference to Eric’s pseudonym, Second Realm, the name under which he launched the original collection.

Color Design – Taken from the original V1 Sentinel Punks: Biohazard, Banana Head, Bubble Gum, Icy, Minty Fresh, Pop, Red Hot, Royal, and Second Realm.

Feature Design – Many features were borrowed from the original collection including glasses, eyes, and beard, and hair styles.

Laser Eyes – A reference to Certified Unofficial Punks collection, Laser Eye Punks.

Jason Mask – A reference to Certified Unofficial Punks collection, Death Punks.

Second Realm Hat – A reference to the collaboration between O.G.C. NFT Snapback and Unofficial Punks.

Second Realm VR – A reference to the original Unofficial Punk, Second Realm Punk.

CryptoPunks – The original CryptoPunks team, Larva Labs, plays a big role. Without their 24×24 pixel design style, creative inspiration, and acceptance of the The First 100 in 2021, none of this would be possible.

The Customized Seven

Before I launched the project I made sure to customize seven (7) punks that I definitely wanted to see in the collection. They were mixed in randomly along with the other generative ones. I’m ready to share with you which of the PFPs they are and the weird “royal” names I gave them when I was building the project.

1. Lady in White (#1623)

2. The King of the Realm (#640)

3. Lady in Red (#2147)

4. The Pirate King (#1770)

5. Lady in Pink (#1972)

6. Lady in Blue (#1633)

7. The Queen of the Realm (#1375)