About Unofficial Punks

Unofficial Punks / Altpunks

In February 2021, Second Realm launched this pioneering NFT collection.

The Unofficial Punks revolutionized the use of CryptoPunks as a template for artistic expression and exploration, serving as the progenitor of a sprawling decentralized art movement. Evidenced by the fact that since the altpunks movement started, Punks derivatives are consistently the go-to starter template for artists, platforms, blockchains, and collectors introducing new artworks, products and services.

An Iconic PFP Collection

Second Realm made a significant contribution to the Web3 culture when our project, “Unofficial Punks,” popularized CryptoPunks derivatives. At the time, creating derivatives was largely criticized and often cited as being fraudulent, money-grabbing scammer behavior.

However, this collection of 100 customized Punk derivatives ushered in the Altpunk movement which was both innovative and disruptive. And today, CryptoPunks derivatives and remixes are not just an accepted part of the Web3/NFT culture but are the very fabric of its culture.

We take great pride in seeing how the community has continued to embrace this change, and feel grateful in knowing we played a small role in its rapid evolution.